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Shih Tzu puppies  

Shih Tzu puppies are playful, cuddly, affectionate companions which are great with kids (though he should be handled carefully) and friendly even with strangers.  The Shih Tzu or "lion dog" normally grows to between 8 and 11 inches high and weighs between 8 and 16 pounds.  Shih Tzus make great indoor pets but still need regular exercise - either a short walk or indoor game.  Training can be a little bit of a challenge.  Shih Tzus can suffer from eye, ear, kidney and respiratory problems and heatstroke in warmer climates.  Shih Tzu teeth should be checked regularly.  They are also susceptible to Von Willebrand's disease.  The long Shih Tzu double coat will need regular brushing and occasional trimming.  The following videos illustrate several examples of Shih Tzu puppies.