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Scottish Terrier Puppies

Scottish Terrier puppies are playful and friendly though as adults can be determined, stubborn and independent.  Scottish Terriers are more difficult to train but have a lot of energy and love to dig and play ball games.  Scotties may not be best for families with young children and other pets.  However, given the proper training Scotties make loyal pets and good watchdogs.  The Scottish Terrier is well-suited to apartment living as long as the dog is given a regular walk.  Scottish Terriers normally grow to between 10 and 11 inches high and weigh between 18 and 23 pounds.  Necessary grooming would include regular brushing and occasional bathing/trimming.  Common health problems include Scottie cramp, Von Willebrand disease, elbow and spinal complications and allergies.  The following videos illustrate several examples of Scottish Terrier puppies.