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Saint Bernard puppies 

Saint Bernard puppies are popular for their easygoing, friendly and gentle nature and service as a powerful rescue dog.  Saint Bernards are good with children and thrive on companionship.  They are also known for their keen sense of smell and intuition as to pending adverse weather conditions.  Saint Bernards grow to between 25 and 30 inches in height and weigh up to 200 pounds.  Expect to spend money on their food bill and have to clean up after their drool.  Because of their size and power, it is important to begin training at an early age.  Saint Bernards should not be left isolated for long periods or they may develop "separation anxiety."  While Saint Bernards should have a regular walk, Saint Bernard puppies shouldn't engage in intense exercise as their bones are still developing.  Due to their thick coats, Saint Bernards do best in temperate to cooler climates.  The Saint Bernard's coat will need frequent brushing but bathing infrequent to protect the oily coat.  Note there are two varieties of Bernards - a short-haired type and a long-haired type.  Health concerns include bloat, hip, elbow, heart and eye problems.  The following videos illustrate several examples of Saint Bernard puppies.