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Dalmation Puppies

Dalmation puppies are born completely white and develop their spots as they mature.  Adult Dalmations grow to between 19-24 inches in height and will weigh close to 50 pounds.  The Dalmation breed was once used to accompany horse-drawn carriages but can make good guard dogs as they are very trainable.  The Dalmation is best trained with positive reinforcement.  Dalmations are high-energy pets which need plenty of exercise.  This can make apartment living a bit difficult and can be time-consuming for those who do not regularly walk, skate or jog.  The Dalmation is playful and loyal but sometimes their high-energy can be rough for small children.  Dalmations require regular brushing due to their constant shedding.  However, Dalmations are known to be cleaner dogs and require less frequent bathing.  Some Dalmation puppies are born deaf (a genetic defect) and the breed is also known for urinary problems (which may require a low-protein diet) and skin allergies.  Deafness can lead to behavioral problems so should be checked prior to bringing home a new puppy.  The following videos illustrate several examples of Dalmation puppies.